Wholesale and Cash & Carry

Cash & Carry is an essential sector for some of our brands such as Charcuti®, Chefs Brigade® and SunBlush®. It acts as an ideal route to market to allow food outlets all over the UK to gain access to some of our premium products with ease.

Wholesale and Cash & Carry

The continued success of the Cash & Carry market has mostly been driven from the rise in independent outlets. This success motivates us, as we believe it’s important to offer our customers a range of consistent, authentic and quality products using our speciality and industry renowned brands.

Charcuti Display

As a business we have been a key partner and supplier to Booker UK over the past 20+ years. Our prominent brands have grown significantly here and now cover all three temperature controls – something which we are very proud of. In fact, we have grown the chilled category business by 82% over the past 4 years.

Charcuti Packs

As well as Booker, we are also key players within other major Wholesalers across the UK such as, Caterforce, Pilgrim Food Service and Holdsworth as well many other independent operators.

Every year we attend several trade shows to showcase our brands, but also get the opportunity to talk to our end customer. Something which we look forward to as it helps drive our innovative product development and get feedback on our packaging.

Have you seen any of our branded products in Booker? Or want to find out how to get hold of any of our products, please use the contact details below.