Authentic Charcuterie


When it comes to cured and cooked meats, it’s the process that sets the highest quality products apart. That’s how we know Charcuti® is the best – it’s sourced from top suppliers across Europe, whose knowledge and knowhow allows us to provide authentic food that delights our customers.

With everything from classic big sellers to niche specialities, Charcuti® has everything you need – whatever’s on your menu.

Charcuti® meats are created with the care that only the finest deliver. Take our Italian pancetta – it’s made from delicious pork belly that’s been dry-salted and air-dried for as long as 12 weeks. Meanwhile, our chorizo is seasoned with paprika and garlic, and originates from the Iberian Peninsula in Northern Spain. Everything we offer is made to its traditional recipe – so you know you’re complimenting your meals with a touch of quality, straight from the continent.

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