Food Manufacturing

Leathams provides many of the UK’s largest Food Manufacturers with ingredients to help our customers to create exciting, innovative and quality driven products.

Food Manufacturing

Many of the products we sell into this sector are ready-to-eat to reduce processes for the manufacturer. There has been a huge increase in demand in the UK for ready to eat meals, as consumers have become more time conscious. In fact, research has found that per capita the UK buys more ready meals than any other European country!


Not only time, but health has been an influencing trend in this sector. For instance, the prevalence of veganism and flexitarian diets has caused a growth in the plant-based ready meal market which has been valued at £78.8 million; up 25% in the last year. As consumers are actively looking for plant-based alternatives for several different occasions – may it be on the go or at home. Similarly, the fastest growing area of the ready to eat market is the prepared salads sector growing on average at 5% per annum led by a move towards healthier foods and ready to eat options.

Here at Leathams, our sector innovation is driven by research like this. Most recently we have listed a new range of Merchant Gourmet® IQF grains including:

Green Lentils
Red Lentils
Green Chickpeas
White Quinoa

We are proud to be distributors of Merchant Gourmet pulses and grains. These IQF grains are ideal for poke bowls, cold salads or even hot soups, and are available in both bulk and retail pack sizes.

They have several advantages which include:

LeathamsReady to eat

LeathamsNo prep or soaking required 

LeathamsPortion control 

LeathamsHigh in fibre & protein

LeathamsIQF retains the grains taste, texture and colour