Food to Go

Within the food-to-go sector of London, Leathams remains a key player supplying many of the largest and best outlets.

Food to Go

Evolving food trends have driven FTG suppliers to innovate.

For instance, the rise of veganism has allowed this category to expand with consumer choice. Creating new opportunities within the sector using ingredients such as meat alternatives, grains and pulses. Not only veganism, but global cuisine, healthier low-calorie ranges and artisan-styles have also seen to be key trends influencing lunch and breakfast ranges.

With its rise in FTG market share, Coffee shops have begun competing as key player in this sector. The UK alone has more than 10,000 coffee outlets which has seen a significant increase in the past 5 years.

Where has the success of coffee shops stemmed from? This sector was firstly driven by the rise in coffee culture, as more consumers seek for a premium offering. Then with more consumers visiting coffee shops and the rise in independent outlets, food poses an opportunity to increase customer spend and enhance their experience.

Research from Lumina Intelligence indicates the top two food needs in the FTG environment:


Convenience is being driven by a consumer need for ease and speed and a business need for efficiency. The use of mobile technology and home delivery have been named by industry leaders as the Top 2 Leading Consumer Trends impacting the industry. Till-less stores and retail-foodservice partnerships add convenience for consumers and are strategic developments for businesses.

Food quality & taste

Quality is the overarching trend encompassing the consumer-led drive in foodie culture. Consumers are not wanting to sacrifice their taste buds and dietary preferences when eating on the move. We have seen that some of the main coffee shop chains have expanded their offering in hot, healthier, and vegetarian offerings – especially at breakfast.

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