Doing the Right Thing

As a company with a global outsourcing strategy, we take our responsibility to do the right thing seriously: for our suppliers, customers, consumers, colleagues, and local community.


Doing the Right Thing

Demand for food products is increasing across the world, making the need for sustainability even greater. Keep reading for some straightforward facts about how we do our bit.


Research has shown that 48% of consumers believe it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to act on reducing plastic, carbon footprint, and waste. With the growing importance of sustainability, as a business, there are three key areas where we work to improve our sustainable footprint.


All our delivery vehicles are the latest Euro 6 VI specification, encapsulating the criteria with which new ultra-low emission zones and clean air zones are enforced. Not only this but all our vehicles use electricity to power their fridges and freezers and not diesel. The routes our drivers take have been generated to reduce the amount of distance travelled as much as possible. And finally, upon delivery, we use reusable plastic crates wherever possible to reduce the number of cardboard boxes used.

Our Buildings

Our buildings are equipped with motion-sensor LED lights that are more energy-efficient, last much longer than fluorescent lights, and are recyclable. Also, we don’t waste valuable energy by heating as this is turned off outside of our normal working hours.

We employ efficient energy management techniques to minimise energy drain powering our refrigeration plant – our temperature-controlled warehouses are well-insulated and effectively controlled, our equipment is modern and carefully selected for its purpose and energy efficiency.

In 2020 we installed solar panels on our Chelmsford depot roof. As of 2022, we have saved 100 thousand kg of CO2 emissions, equivalent to almost 5 thousand trees planted! Now we plan to expand this to our new Dartford site which already has installed electric charging points.

Dartford Warehouse

Food & Packaging Waste

We aim to be ‘landfill free’ by recycling as much waste as possible. All our cardboard and plastic materials are recycled, and we also work with a sustainable solutions organisation to help improve our recycling methods. This includes our food waste, which is used in Anaerobic Digestion. This method converts food waste into green energy which is then exported into the national grid and reduces the number of greenhouse gases which is leaked into the atmosphere.

Social Responsibility

All of our suppliers are treated fairly and transparently, always respecting their culture and values. We treat our suppliers as partners, many of whom we commit to long-term contracts, which help their businesses grow and develop. To our customers, this level of involvement in our suppliers means that we have a traceable and responsible supply chain, which means a sustainable business for all of us. Of course, being known as the food innovators means that suppliers often seek us out too, which is great. If you are a supplier with exciting new products and are interested in working with us, then get in touch via our contact page.