Where does it come from?

charcuti flags Germany Italy and Spain

We source our charcuterie meat from Italy, Spain and Germany. We only use European Pork.

A traditional & authentic charcuterie

The curing process for salami and cured hams is a very traditional form of food production and preservation. Salt is used to draw out the moisture and then it is air dried to produce the salami/cured ham, which can take from 3 weeks to 12 months depending on the product.

We buy directly from the source, ensuring we offer the most authentic charcuterie to our customers.

A wide range of products!

Charcuti products charcuterie

We have many types of charcuterie in our range :

From Italy : Milano, Napoli, spianata romana/picante, coppa, ventricina, salsiccia picante, pancetta, speck, finocchiona, Parma ham and prosciutto

From Spain: Serrano, chorizo, lomo and salchichon

From Germany : Peppered Salami

The Charcuti® range is perfect for antipasti and tapas platters, or as a pizza topping!