With the sales split into the Foodservice, Ingredients and Retail Grocery channels, the rest of our business is structured to support each of these channels. We’ve got different supply departments, each with a unique role to play in our service.



This department ensures that all our facilities are up to the high standards we expect, and that our transport team gets any of our 2000 products to your door.

In addition to our London warehouse, we just opened a brand new depot in Chelmsford, for an improved stock control and additional capacity of over 4,800 pallets across ambient, chilled and frozen!



The technical department is led by a team of industry technical professionals, working in collaboration with our supply partners around the world to improve their systems and processes to exceed best practice food quality, safety and legality. This is underpinned by the award of external accreditations such as ISO 22000.

map purchasing

Purchasing and Buying

The procurement department, a large and diverse team speaking many different languages, make sure we buy the right food and we manage our stocks efficiently. Sounds easy but it’s a complicated and a highly specialised department.



We’ve got a highly qualified and experienced team of people working together to ensure we pay our bills, and get paid.


Most of our customers are in the UK. But don’t let that put you off – if you are looking from farther afield, then talk to us about bulk export of our specialist products. We have customers all over the world and supply chain expertise wherever you are.