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How it all started…

In 1980 our best selling line was pheasant – Mark and Oliver Leatham started their business by plucking game in their kitchen, and delivering it to some of London’s finest restaurants by car. At the end of the game season, they thought that they had better find something else to sell, so branched out into smoked salmon.

And now?

Fast forward nearly 40 years, and we still have the same passion for high-quality food. This approach has given us lot to celebrate – Leathams has grown every year for the last ten, with a turnover of more than £100m in 2017

Now non-executive directors, Mark and Oliver remain heavily involved in the company, helping to continue the innovation, customer service and excellence that’s become our hallmark.

How we operate?

The business has three separate sales divisions all working collaboratively.

The Foodservice Sales Division supplies customers of all shapes and sizes from wholesale to contract catering and HORECA channels.

The Ingredients Sales Division supplies a wide range of customers, from major manufacturers in many sectors including ready meals and pizza suppliers, to Food to Go independents. We also have a team focused on Export.

The Retail Grocery Sales Division is dedicated to all sales related to the major retailers, including NPD and marketing for both our brands and some of the supermarkets.

Marketing and NPD are key areas of focus for the business to support and drive sales in all channels.