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Hot, sweet, distinctly flavoured and full of crunch, Roquito® peppers are a little taste of Peru. We even marinate them in natural sugar cane – which partly explains the punch they provide.

These sweet, yet fiery south American peppers can be used as toppings on pizzas and pastas, hidden within sauces for extra ‘zing’ or stuffed with cheese to create delicious finger food.

Used sparingly, Roquito® will enhance your food with a bit of spice and sweet warmth. A more generous helping will deliver a taste explosion, adding a unique and deeply satisfying kick to your dishes.

roqui peals

The Roquito® pearls are a small variety of chilli pepper which has a mild chilli taste to them, they are grown in South America.




Throw out everything from your Anaheim to your Naga Viper; Roquito® could be the only hot pepper you ever need. Don’t waste time de-seeding or chopping – whatever you’re after, we’ve done the work for you. Packed with flavour, colour, crunch and aftertaste, our spicy little peppers are perfect on anything from pizzas to pasta, and from sandwiches to salads.