We take our social responsibility very seriously. Please see the link below to read our Ethical Food Policy document.

All of our suppliers are treated fairly and transparently and we respect their culture and values, while ensuring that they work towards better standards for their workforce by assessing against the ETI base code. We ensure our supply source is sustainable. This is a much over used word but in essence we ensure the suppliers and our sources future, through paying fair prices and ensuring the raw material whatever it may be, is suitably managed.

We treat our suppliers as partners, many of whom we commit to long term contracts, which helps their businesses grow and develop. To our customers, this level of involvement in our suppliers means that we have a totally traceable and responsible supply chain, which means good, sustainable business for all of us.

Of course, being known as the food innovators means that suppliers often seek us out too, which is great. If you are a supplier with exciting new products and interested in working with us, then get in touch. 

We encourage health and wellbeing in our employees by sponsoring a number of initiatives including the provision of free healthy fruit snacks, provision of subsidised private healthcare for all and free immunisation programs.

Leathams and The Kids Cookery School
The Kids Cookery School (KCS) is a registered charity, based in West London. It is a unique cookery school for children and young people. KCS exists to give children and young people the skills and knowledge needed to make healthy food choices for themselves; KCS empowers children and young people so that they can look forward to a healthier future. Amen to that. Take a look at the Kids Cookery School website here.

We film our recipe videos for our Merchant Gourmet® brand at the KCS. Every time we do this, it pays for 60 children – who otherwise wouldn’t get the chance – to get a chance to cook. And when we have finished with our food samples, we donate the staff sale proceeds.