Different ice cream flavours

New Ice Cream Flavours You Need to Try For Summer 2018

Different ice cream flavours

As the days are getting hotter, only one treat can help us get through it in one piece, a delicious and cold ice cream. Many of you might not know this but July is actually Ice Cream Month, which might as well be renamed the best month ever. To celebrate this frozen dessert, we decided to share with you a list of the flavours you must try this summer.


Haagen Dazs: Peanut Butter Crunch

Häagen Dazs Peanut Butter Crunch

Because it would be impossible to make a list about ice cream without a Haagen Dazs making an appearance, we are starting with Haagen Dazs’ Peanut Butter Crunch. Whether you want it on a stick or in a tub, we dare you not to enjoy these Argentinian peanuts and this American peanut butter sauce coated in a smooth ice cream. However, if you are also a fan of chocolate, the stick will give you a little bonus as it is smothered in a crunchy Belgian chocolate.


Ice Kitchen: Mojito Poptail

Ice Kitchen Mojito Poptail

To cool down during the summer, we all know a cocktail or an ice pop are great choices, but have you ever thought of mixing the two for a the ultimate combo? Don’t worry, Ice Kitchen did it in good fashion with their Mojito Poptail, a perfect way to get the woody yet sweet taste of rum, with the freshness of mint, and the bitterness of lime juice. To make it more authentic, they even made sure to put a slice of fresh lime at the end of the ice pop.


Ben & Jerry’s: Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

If you are a fan of strawberries and cheesecake, the good people at Ben & Jerry’s have the perfect combination for you, a Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream with actual strawberry pieces, all of that mixed with a graham-cracker swirl. Everything well put together to give you the experience of eating a cheesecake, but with the frozen cream you need during those sunny days.


Haagen Dazs: Lemon Raspberry White Chocolate

Häagen Dazs Lemon Raspberry White Chocolate

Did someone say layers? This Haagen Dazs chef-d’œuvre is for those who want to taste two different flavours at the same time, from the lemon and raspberry ice creams, to the crispy white chocolate and the dripping raspberry sauce. This is what we call a true flavour explosion.


Private Selection: Brown Butter Bourbon Truffle

Private Selection Brown Butter Bourbon Truffle

For those who appreciated the Mojito Poptail and would like to try another alcohol-infused ice cream, there is the Brown Butter Bourbon Truffle Ice Cream of Private Selection. You can enjoy a mix of brown butter ice cream, sea salted caramel, and brown butter bourbon truffles, all in one.


Leathams: Semi-Dried Fig Ice Cream

Leathams: Semi-Dried Fig Ice Cream

Finally, for your days of rest under the sun, how about a Semi-Dried Fig Ice Cream? Made from real semi-dried fig pieces and vanilla seeds, it might just be the new flavour you didn’t know you needed. If you feel adventurous enough to make your own, click here to find the recipe to this original piece of work.