National Peach Month

As we draw to the end of ‘Peach Month’ (yes, it is a thing and has been since 1982), we thought we’d write a post specially dedicated to the humble, furry fruit. So, to start, here are some fun facts about the peach.

Peaches are a member of the rose family and are also related to almonds.



Peaches are a symbol of friendship and immortality, the term ‘you’re a real peach’ originates from the tradition of giving a peach to a friend.


Inside the stone of a peach contains a poisonous substance called hydrocyanic acid and can be fatal if too much is consumed.


The US provides a quarter of the whole world’s supply of peaches.


The World’s Largest Peach weighs over 10,000 pounds (it’s a water tower shaped like a peach but still…).


The peach tree is native to China, where peaches were first cultivated potentially as early as 6000 BC. They spread through Persia and reached Greece by 300 BC. Brought to America in the 16th century they then made their way through to England not long after, and straight into our kitchens (and mouths).

Peaches are excellent sources of Vitamins A, B & C and have a variety of health benefits. Not only when eaten, but also when used in skin and hair care products. But when it comes to food, there’s several things you can do with them.

Starting with sweets, the peaches naturally sweet flavour and juicy texture makes them perfect for all manner of desserts and puddings. Some of the classics such as peach cobbler and peach tarts are always crowd pleasers, but slightly less common is peach upside-down cake, peach muffins and peach cinnamon rolls. Or why not really mix things up with a peach pie milkshake topped with crumbled ginger nuts.


You can also use peaches in a refreshing sangria or cocktail. Try our Merchant Gourmet Peach Puree in a classic Peach Bellini or Daiquiri, or even a Peach Mojito?

As well as sweet, there’s many savoury dishes that peaches work wonders in. Sweet peaches are the perfect complement to salty meats. Wrap some peach slices in pancetta and fry and you’ve got the perfect salty, sweet salad topper. Peach also goes really well with cheese, so a peach and goats cheese tart is a little taste of heaven, or a peach, brie & bacon toasted panini.


But if all that’s a little too much effort for you, simply grab a peach, take a bite and enjoy.