Autumn Comfort

As the days start to get shorter, the suns appearance becomes less and less common, and a definite chill starts to hit the air, rather than mourn the loss of summer and sunny days, we thought we’d embrace the arrival of Autumn, not dread it.

Autumn is the time of crunchy leaves and seas of orange, duvet days whilst looking out at the rain, cozy fires, thicker jumpers and pumpkin spiced lattes.




Picture it, you leave work after a long day, trudge home through the chilling winds and drizzle, wrapped up in your thickest coat and scarf. You soldier on through the train delays and bitter cold until finally, you’re home. You open the door, walk inside, peel off your puffa coat and kick off your soggy shoes. You head upstairs, have a hot bath if you’re feeling fancy, wrap up in your PJ bottoms and thickest hoody, topped off with slippers, head to the sofa and wrap yourself in a blanket. TV on. Feet up. All you need now is a warming evening meal to slip you into a food induced coma.

So to ease you in to the colder months with as little upset as possible, we thought we’d put together some easy to prepare meals to keep you warm. These recipes will have you forgetting all about those pesky summer months, and thankful we’re back to the England we know and love.


Try our Pea and Spinach Soup topped with Merchant Gourmet Chestnut Croutons. At a mere 20 minutes to prepare this vibrant soup is the perfect quick yet comforting end to the day, with a hint of freshness.


Or how about Wild Mushroom and Beluga Lentil Stew with Creamy Polenta? For an alternative to mashed potato, the polenta goes perfectly with this comforting vegetarian stew. Just 30 minutes to prepare, it’s the creamy indulgence to send you off to sleep.


This Vegetable Tagine with Glorious Grains is a lot quicker than your average Tagine, but packs just as much flavour. For a quick solution to a Moroccan classic, try this warming spiced dish.

So instead of dreading the arrival of Autumn and Winter, keep yourself warm and cosy with these comforting meals.